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Full-Fledged Digital Transformation




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Sophie Paris is a leading fast-fashion direct-selling business, with a new catalogue published every 40 days, counting 400 retail points, 1+ million active members and selling 50,000+ products a day.

We brought Sophie Paris fast-fashion and home-living catalog business online, articulating and delivering the complete Digital Transformation plan combining the challenges of a primitive online presence, a unique business model, obsolete legacy back-end systems; and crude fulfillment SOPs and capability. We have:

  • Built a digital strategy to support Sophie Paris 4-years growth plan and business transformation

  • Set-up and led the e-commerce practice, digital assets, product development roadmap, content strategy, social-media and online marketing.

  • Built an enterprise B2B2C e-commerce platform (Magento + API layer) with OmniChannel capabilities (Click & Collect, COD, etc.)

  • Launched a B2B2C Android app to support Sophie Paris members.

Sophie Paris is now the #3 fashion website in Indonesia; and boasts 1.6M Facebook fans, +100K app installs and 116K Instagram followers.


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