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Digital is rewriting business models of every industry, across all aspects of the organization and forward-thinking businesses are using digital transformation strategies to stay ahead of the competition. Yet, studies show that 70% of all Digital Transformation initiatives do not reach their goals.

Fundamentally, Digital Transformation is not just about technology.

It relies on the organisation’s strengths in four key areas: people and skills, processes and workflows, technology, and data, and can only be successful if the entire organization works toward a common goal.

OmniStrada can help your organisation to:

  • Navigate through the organisational and operational changes required for a successful digital transformation

  • Articulate and plan pragmatic and tactical digital transformation strategies, while addressing local market challenges and realities

  • Deliver and execute lean, agile and pragmatic digital strategy roadmaps and project plans.


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Companies we have supported in their digital transformation journey:

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